We can guide you every step of the way.
For new projects we offer expert advice, bespoke design and skilled installation.
Additionally we provide professional cleaning and restoration to get the best out of your existing stone.

Advice & Expertise

Prestige Marble has been successfully providing marble, granite, quartz and other types of natural stone flooring, kitchens, bathrooms and worktops since 1999 when the company was established.

We believe that our success has much to do with the dedication and professionalism of the team here at Prestige Marble. All aspects of the services we offer are carried out with the utmost care and commitment. We source the highest quality materials from both the UK and abroad, and we have formed excellent partnerships with our suppliers.

We pride ourselves on the wide spectrum of services we can offer and the many years of expertise we have in each field. We can advise the customer on specifics needs of each product, such as durability, stone thickness and tile or slab sizing.

Bespoke Design Service

We are also experts in bespoke design services that can be implemented in your design, such as vein matching which ensures that the patterns in your stone all go in the same direction, book matching which creates a mirror like image. With regard to highly luxurious translucent material such as onyx or alabaster, with our expertise and knowledge of the process, we can create beautiful backlight features, which are sure to catch the eye of anyone who sees them.

In addition to these in house services, here at Prestige Marble we strive to work closely with the best stone providers internationally who can create be tailor made features such as mosaics. We are here to give informed suggestions to the customer on a needs basis, but we also have the knowledge and expertise in advising customers how to add extra security such as metal or insets to features like indoor and outdoor stairs

Stone in Your Bathroom

In the bathroom, our range of products is much more than just cladding and flooring. We can create a number of features such as splashbacks and upstands, and aprons which can be custom made in any material and size. Additionally we are experts in making bath and jacuzzi surrounds from any of our natural stones. We also have years of experience making standalone and unique features such as custom made bespoke washbasins.

Stone in Your Kitchen

We have a similarly comprehensive range of products and services when it comes to kitchens. Here you can choose from kitchen worktops, countertops, waterfalls and kitchen islands, which again can be made of any material of your choosing, as well as basins, sinks and splashbacks.

The Rest of Your Home

Of course we don’t just provide kitchens and bathrooms, we also offer a range of services for the entire home, inside and out. We can create custom made, beautiful, simple and modern fireplaces and fireplace surrounds, and we provide natural stone flooring solutions for even the smallest details in your home, such as at your windowsill, a feature that is widely seen in Europe and becoming increasingly fashionable in UK properties.

Stone Cleaning & Restoration

In addition to our knowledge and services on new products we also provide a cleaning and restoration service for damaged or heavily soiled stone, meaning that we can rejuvenate the look of these materials in your home. Our cleaning and restoration service includes, repolishing, garden cleaning, paving stone cleaning, and the cleaning and restoration of all natural stone.

This cleaning and restoration process can renew materials back to their former glory, by rejuvenating the material appearance up to 90%. At Prestige Marble we clean and restore stone on a much smaller scale than can be found at most natural stone factories and workshops, avoiding the use of large industrial size machinery, thus we can ensure that your stone restoration or cleaning achieves the best possible outcome, In order to achieve an optimum result we assess the stone prior to the cleaning process, and custom recommendations will be made to the exact specifications needed for your home or office.

Would you like to see some stone up close?

As most of our services and products are bespoke we would invite customers to come and browse around our showroom.  Helpful members of the team will be happy to advise you and help you choose the solutions which best suit your needs.

Want to see what we can do?

View our gallery of completed work to get some inspiration.

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